It’s Never Too Late for a Celebration

Celebrations with friends are always exceptional, especially when we are celebrating almost a year past the dates.

Weekend in Laguna

It's my father's birthday today but we celebrated it last weekend in Sta. Rosa Laguna. It's not common for me to bring along guests especially when I'm not the celebrant. But my father knows me too well. He'd asked me to invite over Paolo, my closest officemate buddy...
dinner at mey lin

Is it dinner already? I just ate lunch.

Eating has always been the best fulfilling activity to do and enjoy on a weekend with friends.

“Bored” Games, Hanging Out Weekend

It’s been quite common for us to say that spontaneity works better than planned activities. So here we are, doing a no-plans-at-all board/card game day.

Creating an SSL Certificate for free using Let’s Encrypt and docker

Registering for free SSL Certificate via Let’s Encrypt while doing away with the complexity of setting up an environment through docker.

Melvin D. Protacio

Melvin D. Protacio

A seasoned Software Engineer with vast experience ranging from mobile applications, web development and enterprise applications. I started as a .NET applications developer then wielded web development using ASP .NET, XML/XSLT, and later on practiced opensource web applications using PHP primarily. I worked on as early as the PocketPC development to PWA and microservices. My areas of expertise are into problem solving and backend applications, infrastructure setup, and optimizations.

Melvin is a diligent and very passionate developer. His expertise in different areas of software development made a huge impact in the overall effectiveness of the team. He is very passionate developer and vocal with software ideas. He is a forever student, Melvin always strive to better himself by enrolling to different courses and reading books.

As an architect, Melvin exhibits a strong grasp regarding the ins and outs of software development. He has strong understanding of different Design Patterns, broad knowledge on infrastructure and efficiency in code reviews. Melvin loves to simplify things which emanated from his outstanding skills in evaluation and decision making.

I have plenty of productive conversations with Melvin as he is always able to provide valuable insights. Melvin is definitely an asset to organizations he will be working with.

John Casey Frane

Senior Web Developer, Zimi Tech, Inc.

Melvin is a great dude to work with. He has a sophisticated grasp of web architecture, is strong in both his OO and functional programming, and has a calm temperament when approaching tough situations. Melvin has helped us to maintain a large pool of Melbourne IT’s infrastructure, and helped develop our AngularJS Cart and Docker services (Go, Php, Python, Nodejs). He’s doesn’t complain, and gets sh*t done fast…he hits the ground running with his hunger for learning. Our application code is in a far better state than it was since he has been helping out our team.

No matter where you end up, you’ll be a strong asset to any team. I really hope we can work together again soon, I’ve learned a lot from our convos!

Louis Moore

Software Engineer, DiUS

I am pleased to write this recommendation for Melvin and I am extremely proud to be affiliated with him. His constant quest to learn, adapt and apply professional lessons proves out Melvin’s ability to be an active individual contributor and participant on any team. He is very pleasant and easy to work with. I had the pleasure to work with him for a couple of years on a number of different projects and was impressed with the depth of knowledge he possesses. Melvin has an impressive work ethic.

Mahesh Jadav

Full Stack Developer, Origin Energy

Melvin was one of my top developers in the R&D team of Information Gateway and later Xybersolutions. He led the WAP content discovery and subscription platform development and operations, handling thousands of transactions daily. I’ve known him to be a diligent worker, and very passionate about his work.

Brian Baquiran

Software Engineer, Ascent Robotics, Inc.

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