Who Am I?

I am a developer by heart. I love solving puzzles and problems. It’s never tiring to get into various possibilities just to come up with an elegant solution to problems.

Professionally, I have more than a decade of experience as a developer from being the most junior, on the job trainee, to what I am right now.

I admittedly know that somehow being too focused and engrossed with my work would give up some of the soft skills like communications and people management, but sometimes, I just don’t mind. I am more into being focused on my craft than having to deal with lots of nonsense politics. It is not to discredit the fact that it plays a huge part of team dynamics and effectivity of the team.

Despite of being tagged usually as the vilain, I guess I play a major role in cultivating the minds of my colleagues, for us to all think of the other side of the coin and to explore other possibilities.

I think differently and I guess it is somewhat more beneficial than being just compliant with all the norms. I guess it’s also part of how unique I am as an individual and as a part of a team.

With all the success that I have received and am thankful for, it is undeniably that maybe I lack a lot of things that other people may possess; either physical, spiritual, or mental. I think it is just how it is and I learned to accept that each of us is unique and each of us are gifted one way or another.

This blog is to showcase myself without hessitations as I would normally not do when doing face to face. I am more into being an introvert and a silent shy type of a person.

This would also be an avenue for me to express more freely and to hone my thinking process and perhaps help me organize my thoughts.

So, maybe feel free to comment and follow and hoping that maybe you and I would get to know each other and take it from there? wink

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