“Bored” Games, Hanging Out Weekend

Mar 1, 2020 | Activities, Events, Food

It has been quite some time since we were planning to get to play some board games and it’s kind of bit annoying already that we always plan for some time later after work or maybe on weekends to get some chill time playing after a day or days of stressing out about work.

However, it’s always the case that we don’t get to the minimum amount of players due to busy schedules, other commitments and sometimes surprise plans that gets in the way.

Finally, today, we were able to play and get the minimum number of players for the games to be at least enjoyable.

JC led in giving out instructions on how to play the games, being the most avid fan of board and card games.

We started out with Secret Hitler being his most favourite of them all. It was quite challenging but a bit confusing specially if we are to play without fully knowing all the rules of the game.

Next game we played was Exploding Kittens. It was like UNO but a very fast paced game specially when he deck is almost empty. It was fun and thrilling.

The last but the most enjoyable for me was Coup. It’s quite simple and easy to understand with the game being fast paced, I enjoyed it quite a lot as it will not give people much time to think.

We ended the night with some good food at Giligan’s. The sisig is superb!


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