It’s Never Too Late for a Celebration

Mar 11, 2020 | Activities, Events, Food

Finally after months of planning out when to meet again to make a simple celebration for birthdays, it has now come to fruition.

We had to endure the rush hour EDSA traffic to get to Shang as Eunice promised to treat us for Breakout Manila, a puzzle that is supposed to be solved in 45mins.

It was not my first time to do Breakout Manila. I’ve played it along with others in the Paranoia room. Unfortunately, we were so clueless back then and we were not able to solve the puzzle.

This time around it’s different. We were able to solve the puzzle in 44:58, just 2 seconds from getting busted. The attendant helped us with some clues but there were some instances that she is not actually helping and just gives us clues that are completely out of context.

The first room we were to solve was a disaster. The clue to get the box opened is inside the box. It was not properly prepared and so we used up too much time figuring out how to compute for the codes just because the matrix where to get the values from is hidden on the box that is to be opened by the clue.

We were able to finish the game but still left unsatisfied due to these issues.

Thereafter, we ate at Kanin Club in Greenfield District sponsored by Jamm and Ronnie, the birthday celebrants last May 2019. It was a bit too late but who would be so ungrateful to complain?

As we end the night, we stayed at Starbucks to get our sweets fix and play trumps. We never part our ways without having to play the game we always had so much time playing.

It was a simple yet full of fun celebration as always. May is about to come once again, I am hoping that we don’t have to wait another almost a year to get to meet once again cool.


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