dinner at mey lin

Is it dinner already? I just ate lunch.

Mar 8, 2020 | Activities, Food

I don’t usually have guests on weekends as it’s usually a time to rest and spend some time alone or sleeping. It’s almost always the case that either I spend half of the day reading books or watching Youtube then take some sleep to recover from sleep deprivation the entire week.

But what if I told you I don’t really have a choice?

Anyone can argue that I do but in fact I don’t. For what reason? My daily routine has been like this for quite a long while. I wake up too early compared to everyone. I usually wake up around 6am daily even if I spend the night out and stayed up late in the evening.

I worked for a Melbourne company for around 6 years. It was so long that I can even anticipate my phone alarming. Even if the call time in the office is 10am, I set it to around 730am because I wouldn’t want to get to office late.

Given how it’s been quite routinary and boring and sometimes a bit stressful especially on weekends when I still want to sleep but got distracted of my body clock, I still enjoy having some time socializing.

Believe me, I do love to spend some time with people but I just seem to be too tired to do extraneous activities because of the stress and tiring work and with my body clock not cooperating with each other.

Maybe that’s just how I am. I am very particular about the time. I don’t want people waste their time as much as I don’t want to waste mine.

The entire morning this weekend was quite boring, usual, and hot. The weather is too exhausting and the aircon doesn’t seem to be able to keep up. Or perhaps the rays of the sun are directly hitting my bed. Maybe it’s summer time but perhaps too early for some out of town getaways.

So I invited over some of my officemates to keep me company.

I had some issues with the water delivery that didn’t show up. So I was left alone and with no other choice but to waste my time for them to finally arrive. Unfortunately, they didn’t.

It’s a good thing Jay and JC¬†arrived and brought some food for my super late lunch. JC being a calory-conscious guy, didn’t eat along with me and Jay. So it ended up a couple of hours later we all three are eating at Mey Lin beacuse he’s on an empty stomach.

Later at night, we just did some codes, watch a movie and checked out on some softwares and PS3 games.

 Maybe sometimes, things can change. I hope it will.


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